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Default Re: What? We're actually deep?

Originally Posted by $hotyme
PG: James-Alston-Brooks-JL3
SG: McGrady-Head-Snyder-Sura
SF: Battier-Wells-Reed
PF: Scola-Hayes-Landry-Novak
C: Yao-Mutombo-Butler

Francis is still in the hunt for the rockets, and If Scola turns out like what he can turn out , yes we are deep.

Teams can only carry 15, right? Barring another trade, at least 3 must be cut if Hayes and Mutombo are signed and Scola really comes to Houston. Sura and JLIII are two of them. Who else? Looks like Reed or Novak are on the bubble unless the Rockets work some kind of two or more for 1 deal. Then, who knows?

Scola looks like the real thing, but if San Antonio could not entice him to Texas, can Houston?
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