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Default Re: Anybody think LEBRON is gettin to cocky?

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
because the thread starter has already Pmed me whining about me saying that Duncan was better than Kobe...

Now this....... more b*tchin

its pathetic... the dude gets some shine and certain kobe fans are upset...He obviously didnt write those skits and if it was kobe, you kids would be peeing yourselves with joy over it

Why did you disregard the rest of my post?

why must they be kobe fans that are "b*tching"?

The dude has "Chosen 1" tattooed on his body. 98% of the population would find that to be cocky.

Also this is in regard to the espys skit where hes being carried like a King. Which obviously wasnt his idea, however he did go along with it and its part of the NBA and ESPNS plan to build Lebron so he can in turn make them bigger.

The whole bringing Kobe into this because you diskile him is moronic.

Did you agree with it being pretty obvious that a guy who tatooed "chosen1" on his back cocky?

did you agree that he had no control in the writing but definitely had veto power to not do it. I dont think its worng that he did it since that "King James" bull**** got instilled on him. Did you agree its part of ESPN building the Lebron hype?

Did you agree that you bringing Kobe in to a thread that has nothing to do with him is a mornic act?

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