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Default Re: Anybody think LEBRON is gettin to cocky?

Originally Posted by LJJ
Yeah, LeBron doesn't have a brain and thus can't think for himself.

That isn't what i was incinuating in any respect.

He signed on, and assumingly was paid quite handsomely, to host the ESPY's. Not to be a creative consultant; not to be a co-writer or producer.

I'm sure he had some say into his performances on screen, but he had to eminate a certain charismatic persona that someone called "King" James would have to display.

Especially with the state of the NBA in your average sports fan's eyes, where a lot of America see pro basketball players as whinny, overpaid, honest-to-god thugs, who have no respect for the legacy of the game of basketball. The business and media sides of pro-basketball are desperately clutching onto their only hope of regaining some respectability among casual sports fans, ala King James, and will do everything they can to make Lebron and the rest of the NBA appealing to your average joe.

Wait a minute, aren't the ESPY's on Sunday night? So technically no one other than those at the actual award show have actually SEEN what went down other than through internet pictures?

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