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Live must forever suck. If it doesn't, then I'll get another PSP and play it 24/7 and I will never again have a life. The same would happen if 2k came out on a portable.

I'll probably play this in college. Considering Wii exists I really can't understand why anyone would play anything else. Video games are such a mindless activity, they've at least got to make it interactive and Wii has done that. Playing Wii with a bunch of friends is a lot of fun. PS3 you're all just sitting there pressing buttons. It's boring.

If anyone's interested in purchasing an Xbox 360 for a price that is probably higher than you'd prefer, PM me. I won't give it up, plus controllers and games for anything under 300. The thing's been collecting dust for months but I'll let a friend borrow it indefinitely before I'll give it away for nothing.
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