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Default Re: Mike Bibby target again with Gooden and Jones as Trade bait

I don't like Gooden for bibby. Gooden and LeBron were the only ones who were consistent throughout the playoffs. The guy had a broken hand, he's gonna get surgery and is only going to get better. His post D is improving and he is not as dumb as you people say he is. He had a 3.9 gpa at Kansas.

I say go with Gibson Sasha LeBron Drew Andy-start Z but give Andy more mins at center.

People say gib isn't a playmaker but he is. When lebron gives him the ball and lets him create he is a threat to shoot it, drive and dunk, or drive in and pass and he is a very underrated passer.

So what I'm trying to say is, resign Sasha and Andy and we're good to go.
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