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Default Re: Mike Bibby target again with Gooden and Jones as Trade bait

Originally Posted by Cannonball
I don't like Gooden for bibby. Gooden and LeBron were the only ones who were consistent throughout the playoffs. The guy had a broken hand, he's gonna get surgery and is only going to get better. His post D is improving and he is not as dumb as you people say he is. He had a 3.9 gpa at Kansas.

I say go with Gibson Sasha LeBron Drew Andy-start Z but give Andy more mins at center.

People say gib isn't a playmaker but he is. When lebron gives him the ball and lets him create he is a threat to shoot it, drive and dunk, or drive in and pass and he is a very underrated passer.

So what I'm trying to say is, resign Sasha and Andy and we're good to go. was said...with moore in the picture this gets WAY LESS likely to happen...even if it did, it would undoubtedly include someone like KT plus another from the cavs or a third team to make the salaries close enough to go through. but...thats all pretty much said and done with the moore signing...

unless the cavs really want bibby/moore for gooden and who the hell knows who or somethin crazy that made geoff sign mikki... time will tell i suppose
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