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Default Re: "Sicko"- the movie--- any bad health related expereinces in YOUR family?

My family had a health related experience:

In October 2006, my grandfather broke his leg in Atlantic City, New Jersey(no, he didn't get to gamble). He had the worst insurance, Oxford(senior coverage). They only charge about $60 per month.

The surgery, to put a rod and 12 pins in, cost $69,000. Oxford only paid $13,000, leaving my family with a bill of $56,000. That was only the beginning. I didn't even get to the fun part.

We live in New York City, almost two hours away. Oxford refused to send my grandfather back to New York by ambulance. Had we wanted an ambulance to drive my grandfather back to a nursing home up here, it would have cost a minimum of $3,000. My dad had to drive him back himself. The people at Atlantic City Hospital gave my grandfather an oxygen machine for the ride home since he became borderline anemic from the surgery.

My dad wanted to file an appeal to Oxford on their decision to not pay for the ambulance ride. My mom and myself told my dad there was no way we'd win an appeal.
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