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Default Re: Great Article on Thaddeus Young

Originally Posted by gigantes
was young the last of billy king's picks?
IMO king was monumentally underappreciated for trying to find players to work with iverson and incidentally winding up stockpiling a bunch of guys who could play great without him.

either way, the sixers drafts for some time now have been amazing.
remember all the analysts who said the young pick was a huge mistake?
Yeah Young and Jason Smith were King's last picks. King took more heat than needed. His biggest weakness was overpaying guys. But he could be one of the best talent scouts in the NBA. He drafted Young, found Willie Green (still a sixers starter) and Kyle Korver in the 2nd round when nobody had even heard of them. Samuel Dalembert, although I hate him, was the 26th pick and is therefore still a steal. Andre Iguodala (9th overall) and Lou Williams (2nd round, 45th overall) were also great picks by King.
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