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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V discussion

Originally Posted by Rake2204
A 16GB hard drive will be a tight squeeze for GTA V. I was thinking of trying to make it work (I have a 16GB as well) but I would have had to delete just about every game file I had. 16GB sounds like a lot of room in theory, but much of the space is taken up by XBox updates, maintenance, and other odds & ends (music, Netflix, games bought on XBox Arcade).

My solution was to buy a 16GB 2.0 flash drive for ten bucks. It's ten extra bucks, but it works like a charm. I'm running GTA V off of that. Plugged it into the 360's USB port, installed disc one (8GB), inserted disc two, and off I went. If you're going to go buy GTA in person, I say pick up a flash while you're at it, if you can.

Copping tomorrow on my way home. So what exactly do I do? Install disc 1 or 2 to the flash drive? Do I just plug it in and an option pops up when you try to install it?

Probably dumb questions. Never used a flash drive with my 360 before...
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