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Default Thomsen: "Nets 5th-least efficient team in payroll, BUT..."


5. New Jersey Nets, cost of $2.37 million per win. Their ranking here is irrelevant, thanks to their midseason coup of trading for Deron Williams (who is well worth his $14.9m). The long-term commitment to Travis Outlaw may be regrettable (he makes $7m this and every season through 2014-15), but everything else is reasonable. The Nets are set up to build around Williams and center Brook Lopez ($2.4m as part of his continuing rookie deal).
IIRC most people thought outlaw was a "WTF" signing from the beginning.


biggest issue i have right now is the sense that we're behind-schedule in our rebuilding plan. mainly caused by too many picks that didn't work out- i.e., guys who were going to be future above-average starters and who should have been getting PT during these scrubby years. blame thorn for a lot of that.

the terrence williams player / franchise meltdown still pains me because -that's- the kind of talent that we should have been developing this year, looking forward to a killer roster maybe three years down the road. instead it's kind of back to the drawing board, back to drafting or picking up young players for the future. even worse, in a way, because now we have the additional challenge of needing to appease d-will at the same time.


oh, and this part kills me:
4. Miami Heat, cost of $1.17 million per win. Surprised? This payroll works, even though it was pulled together on short notice last summer. LeBron James ($14.5m), Chris Bosh ($14.5m) and Dwyane Wade ($14.2m) each took less than the max to play together, and the most expensive player thereafter is Mike Miller at $5m. If Udonis Haslem had been healthy, he would have been an enormous blue-collar bargain at $3.5m. Starting center Erick Dampier is on the books for $713,666, and Mike Bibby signed for $216,110. We must wait for the rules of the next collective bargaining agreement to understand how Miami can add players in the future, but the money last summer was well spent.
for some reason i thought the superfriends were all near-max players. instead, they've saved almost $15 million between the three of them to be spent on other players.

that's insane.
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