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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Wolf of Wallstreet - 10/10

You have to be high to truly appreciate this movie. There is no f'n way they made this film for anyone than those high off of something; no downers, i'm talking sativa/cocaine type high. This movie is hilarious, it has everything. There are scene where they are talking about nothing for about five minutes, its insane! You don't put such scenes in a movie for sober people, as it would annoy the hell out of them eventually. But i loved it. Jonah ****in Hill, damn this guy has really grown over the years. He may be the Paul Giamatti of the next generation. Leo was leo, great, but its always the same character. His character in this one is if his Basketball Diaries character took a left turn somewhere and this is where his life went. Great movie, its long, but i plan to watch it again. Definitely go into this expecting a cartoon. This is nothing more than a live-action cartoon. That's what makes it work for me though; they didn't hold back in trying to be that.
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