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Default Re: Angela Merkel admits German NO-GO zones are 'a REALITY'

I do find Americans hilarious with their "no-go zones" schtick, as if the most dangerous areas in Germany weren't safer than almost every large American city. If Germany has "no-go zones" they pale in comparison to what you have over there.

Originally Posted by tpols
Germany has one of the most elite economies in the world, highest qualities of life, a government thats running the largest trade surplus in the world, every citizen has access to high quality schooling and training of every kind, every person has access to healthcare with better outcomes for less money paid, and they are state of the art in pretty much everything. Their public and private sectors are both booming.

USA otoh is running the largest trade deficit in the history of the world, its government is completely incapable of developing or implementing any successful infrastructure, is cycling in and out of depressions, and as far as no-go zones go, it is riddled with more ghettos and violence than all of Europe combined nevermind Germany.

Despite what i said above Germany has got a good deal more dangerous over the past few years. People who think inviting in an underclass from very different parts of the world (particularly if they are young men) won't result in large increases in violent crime are completely delusional. European politicians are sacrificing the safety of their citizens--the people whose interests they are supposed to represent--so they can engage in moral grandstanding; it is pathetic.
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