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Default Re: Angela Merkel admits German NO-GO zones are 'a REALITY'

Originally Posted by pastis
i really dont understand why you guys are always coming up with the "socialism" accusation. we have something called the "social market economy". i tell you what: yes its true that we have high taxes and high social security contributions, yes we have free university, yes health care is cheap in comparison to the usa, yes every child up the age of 25 has free access to health care, yes we have a labour law that protects the workers, we dont have the hire and fire mentality. yes, every employeur is firced to pay half of the cost for the unemployment-, nursing care-, and health insurence. yes, we have big labour unions and basically every firm above 30 or 50 workers has irs own employee representative/workers committe. and do you know what? still... we have 1.2 million millionairs and more than 200 billionairs

saying that im completely with you uk2k regarding immigration. costs right know: 50 billion every year, because they all have access to free healrh care, rent is oaid by the state, for every child immigrants get 230 . and they have 405 pocket money.

And the reality of the matter is that such things are not remotely sustainable in the long-run with a multicultural society; the fact is that German political/economic organisation would not work in many European countries, let alone a big mix up from all over the world.
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