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Bill Swerski
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Originally Posted by Raildog
I can understand Morrison ahead of Redick, but can Morrison do so much more than Redick?
I seriously doubt Redick will be an all-star but I can seem him being a good player for a number of years. Rip Hamilton managed to do it.

:rollingeyes: 1st off, Rip Hamilton is 6'7", like Reggie Miller, one screen gets him a look.

JJ is a short 6'4", decent release, and would eat up shot clock time trying to get a shot off multiple screens, no NBA team top to bottom will waste time f#@kin with that.

Second, Morrison can create his own shots on the college level, something Redick was never great @...

...and Morrison will also be able to create his own shots @ NBA level, Morrison is actually deceptively quick, has an array of moves, and @ the 2 or 3, has the potential to be an all-star within 3-5 years.

Redick has 0% chance of ever being an all-star @ all....ever.....

I would actually go out on a limb and say Morrison's full court ball handling is as good as Redick's, and Morrison will grab 6-7rpg in the NBA...

They are both great open shooters, but only one will be a great shooter in the NBA, due to his creativity, size, ability to shoot in traffic, ability to shoot runners, oh god, Morrison's runners , off balance to the left/right, etc.

Morrison is 6'8", and more creative than Redick, as well as, dare I say, slightly quicker off the dribble.

JJ Redick is trash @ the pro level. Great college career tho...
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