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Default What's ESPN's issue with Jeremy Lin? Do they do this to others?

Basically there is an article about Jeremy Lin. It notes he is about at 85% and thinks it smarter to wait till he is 100%. It notes Woodson saying Lin can't do much at all. It also ignores the fact the Knicks won't clear him to play. Lin also talks about how much he owes the knicks, if Woodson should be coach. THat's fine, it just lists facts, right? Lots of info.

The article's byline to click on it - LIN REFUSES TO PLAY AT 85%.

I mean come on. Can we editorialize a little more in the headlines? WTF is this from? ESPN has decided he is a sworn enemy of Lebron and therefore of them? They couldn't think up a good headline with *****?

The article is not about Lin refusing to play, nor does it state he refused to play. I don't get it.
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