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Default Re: How the lottery results affect the Lakers

Originally Posted by SoCalMike
Interesting... so how many years is Bynum away from making an impact in the league (if any) and how close is Oden to being ready to make an impact? Oden looks good, but a bit raw to me, so personally (and this is not a dig), he likely has a couple of years to be prime time as well.

Thoughts? I bring this up as it might have impact on how the league perceives Bynum vs. Oden.

We'll have to see Oden in the league first to really get a good look at him...eveything now is just specualtion. but I'm with you, hes still two, three years away from becoming the force hes projected to be.

As much as Laker fans (and myself) want Bynum out of here, he will become pretty good. There are tons of players in the league that didnt start contributing right away but the question is when? We cant sit here waiting for Bynum to develop while watching Kobe age.

Now Bynum's value is high because hes the same age as Oden but has already played 2 full seasons training with arguably the greatest center of all time. He is a lengthy big man, with a soft touch around the basket (rare in this league). His offesnive game around the basket is pretty good. Although a suspect defender, he will most likely develop into a 3 block/gm guy. Potential is there.

Oden will be better though and that has to do with their respective attitudes toward the game. Bynum is shy and unmotivated...not a good sign at all.
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