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Default Re: Off Season Numbers The Cap and Luxury Tax

correct on the bi annual although it doesn't have to be a two year contract it can be only one, but like you said they only get one every other year

Originally Posted by MJ(Mean John)
ok wait. The bird rights is diffrent because the lakers can SET the amount that lamar will be signed at?

Where as a restricted free agent, signs an offer sheet and LAL can match? but not pass the amount right?
he becomes restricted when his team makes him a qualifying offer, if no qualifying offer is made he remains a unrestricted free agent...

but once that qualifying offer is made that sets the wheels in motion, he can except the offer and if it's a max can sign up to 6 years or if it's not a max he becomes a unrestricted free agent the following season

or once a qualifying offer has been made other teams can make offers and like you said the lakers can match the offers..

that's what happend with turiaf, lakers made a qualifying offer, golden state made their bid the lakers didn't match.

even if a qualifying offer is made the player and team he played for can reach a settlement on a contract that doesn't fall under the qualifying max qualifying offer guidelines
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