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Default Re: Toronto Raptors Offseason Report Card

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
This team still has zero direction. Not sure if that's due to Ujiri's lack of action or Colangelo leaving too big of a mess to clean up quickly or a combo of both.

I respect your opinion Q ... but I disagree...

I disagree only in that its too early to tell for sure.

The team may have zero direction but we wont know till November.

MU will imprint a "direction". DC with free reign will obviously focus on a "d first identity" and the evidence so far seem to suggest they can play better D with gay in the line up ala the last 20 games.

Even this team will have a direction in terms of what are the peices we need to grow and THEN what pieces are here short term long term. Kyle Lowry for example and his performance in a contract year.

I project this team a a d first 500 team barely making the playoffs in the east ; challenged to score a 100 points always. Most wins will be 79 - 78 affairs.

The direction and identity will come from that.
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