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Default Re: D'Antoni brings agent to practice...

Originally Posted by DJMason
Yes my "ignorant" comment was made out of annoyance with the silly cheapshot against Nash, and Bokes' post is the more drawn-out reasonable way of saying what I wanted to say.

That said I'm not exactly sure that saying the Euro league is a crappy league where NBA players go to get one last payout before there career dies is racist in anyway. The same in reverse is true of MLS and the premiere league. Furthermore, North American isn't a "race" ergo as a white American/Canadian I am of European decent so please cut the "racist" accusations.

As bokes said, for a man with as long an NBA career as D'Antoni has had, his Euroleague accomplishments don't matter one lick since he's proved he can't get it done in the league that matters to the Raptors. It's like the countless college coaches who can't get it done in the NBA but continue to excel in college. Great coaches, just not at the NBA level which as a Raptors fan is all I care about.

well said. it shows you the ignorance of some fools on this forum that consider it a racist comment to suggest the euro league is inferior to the NBA. I dont know why that would be a hateful comment or why someone would consider that a diss to Europeans.

i dont even know why some of these people even watch the NBA. Just stick to your damn euro league if you consider it soo much better. You can then watch all the europeans play ball while pulling a *********ion marathon.
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