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I didn't see our old roll call stickied and I could not locate it on our forum so I am going to put up a new one for this season/lockout. Can someone sticky it? :)

Just C/P below:

Favorite Nba team(s):

Favorite old school Net:

Favorite Current Net:

A little about me:

Do I think Deron Williams will stay:

Anything else to add:

Favorite Nba team(s): Nets and Bulls (mostly because of the jordan era)

Favorite old school Net: Jason Kidd

Favorite Current Net: Anthony Morrow - this guy is a pure shooter and actually takes pride in playing for the nets

A little about me: I started seriously following basketball in '92 when the bulls were in the finals. I became a nets fan around '94 and soon realized our team wasn't very good. I was super excited when Jkidd came into town and turned our team into a legitimate contender for a few years (Ahhh the good ol' days).

Do I think Deron Williams will stay: He better because there is no one else in the league that can offer him as many options as we can currently!

Anything else to add: I've had a lot of great discussions with people on these boards and I'm glad that I've returned.

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