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Default JR is better for the nugs than AI

im not worried about stats, when it comes to the nuggets being a really good basketball team jr smith gives us a way way better chance of that happening than iverson does

imo jr is a great fit with carmelo- so much of basketball has to do with players fitting in with each other

i can not stand the idea of another season of iverson competing w carmelo to be the top scorer- neither will accept being the #2

maybe im overestimating jr's teamwork ability, but i believe he would be willing to play the second fiddle to melo- & at the same time i see carmelo being ok w jr doing his thing

add the personality and ego parts to the basic reality- jr's game is a match to melo, nene, & kmarts- you can not spread the floor for these post players without having shooters on the perimiter- driving to the basket is very difficult when 4 or 5 defenders can stay in the lane

when it comes to the denver nuggets JR makes us better that iverson
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