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Default Re: Poll: Wade vs Iverson. Please Respond

Originally Posted by 3peated
iverson went to the finals (alone) beating reggie millers pacers, ray allens bucks, and vince carters raptors, and had to face kobe/shaq in the finals...

wade had shaq on his team and had to beat the bulls who had no real star, the nets who had kidd/carter, and the superstarless pistons, to beat dirks mavs.

iverson had it much harder, wade was gifted his ring honestly. so many bad calls, against weak weak teams.

that being said, i think wades career is still better than iverson, but prime vs prime, iverson is the better player.
But the second part of Poll ? was f you were a GM and had to pick btween the two to lead your team, were taking Wade or Iveron? And Iverson had 6th man and DPOY on that Finals team. Had help also...
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