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Default A food for thought before we go down

Geez I am never good with words but I will try.

It's been one hell of an unpredictable season. You can call it whatever you want. A bit of winning, losing, injuries, healing...We did it all, from players experiencing their problems, players having great spurts, to players even lying. Shoot one of our bottom feeders even called out our HOF coach.
We seen Sasha and Turiaf clash, Bynum and Sasha, and sometimes we just thought...what the hell are we doing?

Lots of things negative happened from the start that tried our faith and spirit in this team, first and foremost...when Odom lost his son.

Aside from all that we overlooked one thing. We fought until the end. Down 2-0 against the second best team in the NBA, these lakers pulled together and played their hearts out in games 3 and 4 even when it was probably too late. Even if it was too late, I can always look at these last 48 minutes and say....

"I fought the good fight, I finished the race, and kept the faith" St. Paul

lakers and their fans did these three things and we can not be sad anymore about the results. Phoenix quite the team.

As frustrated as I am with management, I am a laker fan until I die.

I hope we can all watch our last game, and applaud our team on their way out. Actually we all should!
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