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Originally Posted by Finn T-Mac
Do you think Kenyon will have a great, or better season that he did last season?

Denver's paint looks to be crowded with big men, but it still looks clear that Camby and Kmart will start. So the minutes will be there, so only problem is Miller. How well he is going to connect with Martin and Martin's willingness to fight for open space. Anthony will be the main player, but it think Kenyon will be better than last season. He should realise that he wasn't traded and probably will not be, so it's time to go out and show that you still are a great player. I expect much from Kenyon, just give him the ball! (hopefully the start of the season will not prove me wrong)

I certainly hope so. He can be the difference between winning 35 games and 45 games and he hsa it in him. Perhaps he needs to take it out on his opponates instead of his coach.
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