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Default Re: Do u get injured often playing hoops?

Originally Posted by Rake2204
What specifically was the injury you sustained to your knee and how long did you wait before you had it checked out?

Some big linebacker type guy who was probably 6'4 235 and me 5'11 155 went after a lose ball and he ran smack into my knee. Then my knee gave away. I mean i couldnt even stand for 5 mins. I kept playing on it for like 3 weeks bought a knee brace and stuff, but it really wasnt helping

I waited bout a month to get it checked out. and i had a meniscus tear, but I said no to surgery because that is like a last option for me. If i stopped playing that day it was injured and let it heal on its own i would of been back in a month tops. But because i kept playing on it it took me half a year and still hurts time to time to this day
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