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Default Re: Butler = Broke man's Brewer, Radmanovic = Broke man's Korver...

I'll miss the Bench Mob, but much like people complain about most of our started being overpaid the bench was being overpaid as well.

I really don't see the bench this year being that much worse than last year's.
The only part that they significantly lack is in the experience department, but skill wise and contribution wise at this point I think we'll only miss Korver's shooting. Finding a shooter I'm sure is at the top of the priority list to fill out the roster though so that will probably be met.

When Rose comes back we'll have Hinrich and Teague at Point Guard as well. The combination of the two is better than Watson.

Butler is better than Brewer and he'll prove it.

Korver we'll be missed at our current state, but we will most likely bring in a shooter so it won't be that huge of a loss.

Taj was and is our best bench player. He isn't going anywhere.

Asik will be missed if we don't match, but I think fans will and should understand if the Bulls don't match that ridiculous offer sheet.

Asik has nice defensive potential but he really didn't contribute much.

We can find a backup center that will come much cheaper and probably produce just as well.
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