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Default Re: Lakers off season thread

Originally Posted by DKLaker
I'm starting to wonder if Dwight really cares about winning, it seems like he only wants to be THE STAR on a team

When is the ESPN site ever going to update that crap to reflect the correct remaining years and 2012-13 salaries, that thing is a year behind.

Yes, the 1st deal works for me.

I question that too. He wants to go somewhere where he can start his own legacy. I think that he had everything in Orlando. It was a matter of time before he reached the finals again.

The man doesn't know what he wants. I feel bad for the nets too. Look at how much they have been waiting on this situation. This could be 2 years potentially on them waiting up for one guy, who is average offensively, to make up his mind. I wouldn't be surprised if Dwight went over to NJ, and didn't like it anymore suddenly.

On the other hand, he keeps saying he'd leave the lakers if he got here. What if they won a championship? If he left, he would definitely have that label of not caring.
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