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Originally Posted by BlockShot
you might want to consider how harrington was on a team where he would look good in comparison where as artest wass on a team where he was not first option for the offence

and the thought of harrington being better then artest is just silly

i agree artest is way better than al if he wasnt y they let harrington leave and not artest??????? and those comparisons are way harrington was on a dead beat team and still onli barly avg. 18 points a game artest isnt even the first option on the kings n offense not even string 2 its bibby and brab respectively...... then artest and he avgs almost 18 ppg clearly shows u guys dnt know what player means .... player doesnt mean scorer player means all around in this sense so forget the idea of baby al being better than artest its jus ludacris :stupid: (who eva made that thread up) but big ups on the home work of it and that photo very vintage
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