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Default Re: Mata-Real's NBA Prospects

I don't think he has a real shot at being drafted, but he could end up in the NBDL next season, and hopefully latch on to team like the Lakers, Kings, Warriors, Suns, or another team that would have seen him more over the course of his college career.

The key, as always, will be how hard he works. If he can prove to be a rebounder/hustle player I think he could make the NBA. He is not talented, but teams seem to need those guys that could give 3 or 4 good fouls a game against guys like Aldridge, Amare, and Jefferson.

I think if you want to see the Lakers take a UCLA player in the first round, Collison or Love would have to be the guy. Shipp and Mbah a Moute are more likely 2nd round picks.
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