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Default bring back hanzlik

after ordering the nba ticket i have come to realize that the nuggets have one of the poorer tv persona's covering the team- i usually have to almost hope for the other teams coverage- bring back bill hanzlik and excitement and praise around the team-

and their is no excuse- hanzlik would be the best in the bizz- and it would be great if they would just pay scott goodman enough to come back-

just poor talent placement with altitude - hastings does sports talk from the bench- you cant have the disgruntled ex player stuff- they have to celebrate the fun the way a hanzlik would- put the boys in studio in denver or jurome jurinavich'n it on the sidelines

it is interesting sometimes when you listen & see other teams broadcasts- visually altituds is ahead of the pack-

that isnt the beginning of the image problem with the nugs but its a start
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