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Default Re: Final ISH Mock Draft Picks Thread

I'll go ahead and explain my pick.

Obviously, I was hoping for Derrick Rose to fall to #2. Nothing against Michael Beasley because he is one of the better players in this draft, but Mayo brings star power and will help ease the burden on Wade in the backcourt. He's very athletic and one of the most NBA ready players in the draft.

Mayo and Wade have become friends and would complement each other very well sharing the same backcourt. Beasley will likely not rebound at the clip he did in college so all he's really going to bring is scoring and being undersized, it's questionable how well he'll be able to score in the paint against NBA big men. He has much more upside that what Udonis Haslem currently is, but Haslem is a solid starter and a vet.

Mayo's the man.

PG: Wade/Banks
SG: Mayo/Cook
SF: Marion
PF: Haslem
C: Blount

That's what they would have under contract for next year as of now, with this pick.

Neither Wade or Mayo are point guards, but they'll both handle the ball and the offense will primarily go through Wade.
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