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Default Re: Predict 08-09 stats for your favourite Sun

I don't think we'll see Amare getting 38 mpg, at least I hope not. I'd rather see him around 34-35. As deep as we look, I'd like to see all the starters around that mark. Remember, we got Hill, Diaw, LB that need a lot of minutes also. Those three right there give us a helluva bench. Then if Goran gives us decent backup pg minutes, we'll be looking good. ten deep.

This is suppose to be a motion offense with more players touching the ball. However, I would like to see the offense run more through Amare, just not constantly. I'd rather see a well balanced offense that's difficult to guard. When you become one dimensional it's easier to defend in the playoffs when the other team has more time to study you.

I see Amare around the 25ppg, 8 boards, 2 blocks, 3 assists.
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