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Default Re: Maybe this is PM worthy, but I have a feeling fellow Bobcats' fans have wondered too.

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
Onewickedlady - please take no disrespect or offense from this. I do not ask with intentions of being perverted, gutter-minded, etc. Never been on that level with you. You've always been cool as hell, down-to-earth and have your own distinctive/original personality here. I think I speak for us all when I say you're cool as hell (as I just said =P).

I was just wondering... what is the origin or meaning behind your username? Onewickedlady - what does it mean? So we know you're "one" - "lady" - but it's the "wicked" part that leaves us (or at least me) perplexed. Would you care to elaborate or enlighten us fellow Bobcats' fans as to what exactly it entails?

^ to you, and again, please don't take offense or think I'm asking in a disrespectful manner.

Does it have something to do with an owl?

I don't take offense. I've always meant the 'wicked' to be synonymous with 'mischievous.' It's just that 'wicked' is much easier for me to spell! And btw thank you for the compliment. I see myself as just a basic person who can be opinionated just like the rest of our group here and who tries to express myself without stepping on anybody's dignity. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

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