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Default Re: Jaric or A.Carter

Originally Posted by Charles Barkley
Thanks for the responses. I already have both Stuckey and Quinn (he's been a monster for me) I'm really trying to get as many steals as possible this week. I'm leaning towards Jaric & Anthony Carter and sitting Quinn. Will Jason Williams hurt Quinn's value this week?

Any other sugguestions of how I should play this week out is greatly appreciated.

C - A.Stoudemire
F - C.Butler
F - R. Lewis
F - L.Odom
F - C.Villanueva
G - T.J. Ford
G - M.Bibby
G - C.Quinn/A.Carter
G - R.Stuckey
Util - Jaric

Ben - G.Hill
Ben - Barbosa
Ben - A. Carter/Jaric/Quinn

Not sure

Quinn is going to get minutes no matter what because Banks is done for the season
also Jay Will still isn't 100percent.

I think he safe for one more game before the true Jay Will effect sets in

but I think his assist and steals take a step back but not his three's
also he going to get alot of Garbage time minutes
which should help

Im not dropping him yet

but I do have my eye on R. Sessions from Milwaukee
just in case
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