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Default Re: 2018 Off Season Thread

Originally Posted by GOBB
Teams spend countless first rd picks to land a Mack. They finally land one and trade him because Gruden can now build the team how he sees fit. Hilarious.

He's one player GoBB. Even the great JJ Watt when he was still an absolute monster (way better than Mack) his team went like 1-15 or something like that?

Unless it's a top tier QB who can mask poor rosters in the regular season (they will eventually get exposed in playoffs vs good teams) one great player isn't going to do much for you.

Raiders defebse was ass last year even with Mack. They can't get much worse.

They turned Mack into the most highly coveted future assets and money to spend on acquiring 3 good players.

Oaklands roster is not very good. They aren't messing with the Pats Steelers Jags this year or next probably. The window for them is 2-3 years away and this move gives them ideal assets to build a proper team around Carr
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