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Default Re: 2018 Off Season Thread

Originally Posted by DukeDelonte13
Draft picks are magic beans. What are the odds that first round picks actually turn into productive starters, not to mention pro bowlers?

Granted this is coming from a browns fan.

Its not really about the picks, ultimately the trade was all about managing the raiders salary situation.

No doubt draft picks are lottery tickets, you win some and lose some... but whats important is that they are cheap lottery tickets. A first round pick in the 10-20 range is going to make 2-3m/yr over 4 years, while mack wanted multiple years at 24m/yr. So not only do the Raiders get two lottery tickets, but those lottery tickets are locked into cheap contracts which leaves an extra ~18m worth of salary room that they wouldnt have had otherwise.

If you are still dubious, just ask yourself what Belichick would have done. Just a year or two ago he gave up Chandler Jones for a second rounder, I think this trade would have been a no brainer for him.
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