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Default Re: NPR: Pelosi announces formal impeachment inquiry into Trump

Smart move by the Democrats.

Their voters kinda sorta want action from the government on whatever they believe they governemnt it supposed to do to fix their lives.

But what they want above all is vengeance and vindication. They want Trump's blood. More than they want healthcare, more than they want education, more than they want anything else they claim to want.

They want validation for all the time they've invested pompously claiming Trump to be a catastrophy for the country. The left has invested ALL their intellectual capital in these outlandishly over-the-top predictions and demostrations. They cannot allow Trump to leave office after a full term, with America still in tact.

The countless corrupt Democrats in Congress know this is their ticket to avoid doing anything for "the people" (since they're puppets of special interests any way).

Impeaching Trump will make the voters happy. That's all the angry, blood thirsty mob cares about.

This is why politics dont change. Because voters are simply unintelligent. They're sitting targets for the world's special interests. Fish in a barrel.
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