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Default Re: Fantasy Basketball News, Notes, and Tidbits *Statman32 style*

Originally Posted by bdreason
I picked Haywood up in the 15th (last) round. Even with Jamison there, Haywood is good for around 10/10/2 certain nights... that's if he can stay healthy.

10/10/2 would be the max Haywood would be. I think a lot of people are overreacting to his performance last year and underestimating the ability of McGee who is better now than Etan Thomas ever was. I still do like Haywood but I see him more as a 10/8/1.8 blocks guy in 65 games then a 10/10/2 blks guy all season long.

Another sleeper to look out for is Yi Jianlin. He's starting for a bad Nets team, and if he can take another step forward in his career he could be puting up some decent stat lines.

IMO Yi is still another year away from producing stats of a guy like Bargnani. While he should get more touches this year, he still is very raw and is a real fg% killer. Injuries have also hurt him the last two years.

Morrow is starting in GS... for now. He will get you 3's in abundance.

Morrow is not starting and if he does for the first couple of games, you never know if he will stay there. Still he is a must have pick-up and should contribute plenty of points and threes on good %. Will be a little frustrating to own because of Nellies changing line-ups but is a guy that has a lot of potential and could blow up and be a great fantasy player if Sjax is ever traded or injured.

Flynn is killing it in Minny in the preseason. Points, Steals, Assists, Rebounds... he's getting it all.

I do like Flynn but when Al Jeff and Love get healthy look for his scoring stats to go down a bit. I see something like 14/2/5 with good ft%/threes/steals. Might be a killer on turnovers with not many other creators on that team and fg% could be draining too.

Hinrich is gong to get more PT now that BG is gone. He will get a little of everything... including a couple steals per game.

He will get more PT but his upside is kinda limited. Will be a good source of threes/steals/assists but I dont think he will ever be the player he was in his 2nd-4th seasons because Rose loves to have the ball in his hands. Still he is a must-owned player especially with Rose being injured.
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