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Default Weird goat girl at the local park

Ok does anyone have any idea what medical condition this can be?

There's this little girl at the local park, the suns out so I started to play ball. I've ran into her 3 days in a row, because well, it's impossible to not hear her.

Basically she's pretty creepy. The first time I saw her there was this loud sound that sounded exactly like a goat, then I noticed as the girl walked closer it got louder and louder. She has a hood on her face and was being hugged by her mom. The best way I can describe this sound is a really loud goat that you can hear clearly 200 yards away in the park, and that she keeps repeating every 3 seconds.

One time she was just running around blindly in the middle of the field without her mom but usually her moms holding her.

She always has a hoody covering half her face.

No exageration, she makes the loud ass goat noise every 2-3 seconds non stop, I play ball for an hour then lied in the sun for an hour and heard her going non stop the whole time.

Does anyone have any idea what's wrong with her? Maybe it's tourettes but I never heard of tourettes that's every 3 seconds.

Damn that must suck for her+her parents, but her mom and dad alway seem pretty happy.
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