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Default Shawn Kemp, Jr. Spearheads the Kemp Kid Invasion

Well, we finally made it through Father's Day, so the annual parade of Shawn Kemp jokes is mostly over.

But Kemp's kids aren't just a punchline--one of them is a highly-touted high school basketball player. Shawn Kemp, Jr., (that is him at right) is a 6-7 wingman who ranks as the 11th-best baller among juniors in the state of Georgia.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution included Kemp Jr. in a story about high school players of pro athlete fathers. Said Kemp Jr.'s high school coach:

The burden on the coach is to take an individual and help him develop, no matter who his dad is. [Shawn Jr.] is not his dad, and it's enough pressure on him to follow in his father's footsteps. People are well aware of who his father is; he's reminded constantly of it. But he's close to his mom and she's helping guide him to find his own way.

Shawn Kemp Jr.

And I'm not sure, but this teammate of Shawn Kemp Jr. seems to be Geln Rice's kid:

Glenn Rice Jr.

More on HS kids with NBA Daddies:
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