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Default Re: Kobe wants more from Dwight -- especially free throws, of course

Dwight really needs to knock down a few more free throws. They're called "Free" for a reason. He's a pro. I understand that it's more difficult for some of those big guys to hit outside shots. I don't expect Dwight to shoot 90%. I don't think 60% is unreasonable though. He really needs a better FT shooter to help him with this. Chuck Person is a good outside shooter, but not FT shooter. I guarantee I could raise his percentage more than he could. I actually think I could get Dwight to shoot 70% from the line. It's a free throw.... they aren't rocket science. I can see just from watching on television what he's doing wrong, the few things he's doing right, and what needs to be changed to get more of them to drop.
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