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Default Re: Form Raptor Players who we " Couldn't " Keep .....

The Rafer Alston for Mike James trade was brilliant. Rafer signed a 5 year deal with the Raptors the year before I think and Mike James' contract was running out at the time of the trade. It was great because it freed up a lot of cap space. Remember, James had a career year with us, averaged 20PPG and 6APG. Well, I am not sure if I want to give him too much credit because that year, there was no one else to pass the ball to. He sucked with the timberwolves but only because he wasn't getting playing time.

Damon was an idiot. He's best seasons were with the Raptors. He quite the team and demanded a trade because we weren't winning. He did nothing for Portland and now is all washed up. The guy's face is so pale that I am starting to think he's god Aids or something ha ha ha.

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