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Default Re: Top 5 Team Leaders in the NBA?

Originally Posted by Fudge
McGrady isn't close to a team leader. He doesn't direct his young teammates to this or that, he doesn't teach his teammates how to shoot, nor play defense. I bet 100 bucks that he never pointed out to do the right thing to a teammate when he ran the play wrong or whatever. Far from a team leader.


Have you seen any of the ROX game this season.

And Did Duncan show how to shoot to any of his teamate, (maybe FT ) Parker have been shooting jumper better this year but he said his been working with the trainers, he didnt mention Duncan.

Did jordan show rodman how to get rebounds or did he teach kerr how to make 3's of Pippen how to play defense?

And you just lost a $100 because he got mad with L. Head when he get confuse on offense a few times and told him what to do, he told Yao to relax and take his time when shooting when he was struggling for a couple of game when coming from the injury. Because he is not a vocal leader dosent mean he is not a leader. Not everybody is Sam Cassell that can talk every single time.

Just go and check the record of Houston with and without hime and tell me if he is not a leader.

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