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Default Re: Kobe playing like crap!

Originally Posted by and1
agreed, kobe played like crap.. i just couldnt believe it, when he came back in the 4th... he went to 1on1 fade away jump shots... horrible, just horrible.. he did it like 2 or 3 times before realizing it.

just go to your team offense, when youre leading by 15... and also, did anyone notice how nice the team played when kobe isnt on the floor? its a 5 man offense then, everyone gets touches.. when kobe is on, its more like 2-3 players involved in plays

That really was just early in the 3rd quarter and when he came in the 4th after getting his 4th? foul.

For most of the game he played within the offense and got "2nd assists." He made the right pass off a double-team or collapsed defense and the recipient then made the next pass to the open man/mis-match (usually Gasol or Luke) under the basket. The Lakers as a team have to move the ball a lot more effectively when Kobe's out of the game BECAUSE he's out of the game. No one can really create their own shot that effectively outside of Odom.

I'd say Kobe had 3-4 possessions that were unnecessarily not-team oriented. But there has to be a part of him that wanted to get back into a good shooting flow for the next game. And, if any 2-3 of those "one-on-one" type jumpers go in this is a non-issue. And we know he can make them when he's shooting at least at an average clip. They just didn't fall tonight. But yeah, there were a few possessions that I wish he would have just played within the system.
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