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Default Your expections for the Thunder going forward?

If the Thunder do lose this year to the Spurs or even in the finals what are your expections of them moving forward. Their main core of Durant, Westbrook, Harden and Ibaka are all under 24-25.

They have improved each season they have been in the league with Westbrook developing his game as a top 10 player really this season. Should next year be the time for them to be expected to win it all? With Spurs main guys like Duncan and Manu getting older and them having decisions to make in free-agency with Diaw, Green and even Duncan.

Wade is 30 and not getting any younger, Rose will be pretty much be out most of next year.

Do you expect OKC to be the favourite now if they do add a piece or two in free-agency like a post player or another shooter off the bench?
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