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Default Re: Bargnani and Lowry Centre of Team Meeting

Originally Posted by bokes15
Now, Lowry of course isn't the pure pg that Calderon is but I think if you plugged in Lowry to the current team sans Bargnani they would still be better than they would be with both Lowry AND Bargnani back.

Statistics show that Lowry is one of the most versatile and dynamic players in the game with his ability to score, rebound and dish out assists. I'm pretty sure the recent winning streak has more to do with the soft, jump-shooting Bargnani being out more than anything else.

Ship his ass out of town, we don't need a bigger sample than what he has done over the past 5 seasons. He has developed a losing culture and is a loser of player. What proved that even more were his comments on that Italian radio show.

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