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Default Re: Favorite player on the Bulls

Originally Posted by Rnbizzle
So yeah, who is your favorite player on the Bulls? Let's say you're not allowed to pick Rose.

Personally I think I'll go with Luol Deng, hard worker, great defender and a great teamplayer.. who still puts up nearly 20 points a game.

I also love Noah and Gibson.

I don't know why I love this TEAM. ...AHHH its bec I don't idolize a particular player. I love their team play, how they play together, doing their roles, from Noah rebounding/hustling, Brewer playing tough defense, great shot selection, how he energize the bench. Gibs with his defense, Asik's ability to block and rebound. Korver's shooting stroke, Deng's defense and mid range shots, Rose's ability to penetrate and his leadership etc etc.
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