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Default Re: Derrick Rose or OJ Mayo or Michael Beasley

Anyone giving these indepth analysis of Rose and Mayo before they played a real national game is enjoyable. Atleast Mayo had some nationally televised game like against St. Patrick's Corey Fisher..which he's lost. But to the rest of you, when your basis is of youtube highlight reels, get out of here.

I'm not a fan of, but Mayo will be the better college prospect and have the better college season. Rose to me, won't do anything Mike Conley Jr. hasn't. Maybe average more points seeing how Memphis is more of an up and down team, but he won't be the man. If he averages more than 16/7 I'll be surprised. Which is still damn good for a freshman.

I'll go as far to say this as well: Eric Gordon will have a better college season than Derrick too. The players they are, are just better fitted for the college game right now than Derrick.
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