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Default Re: How Good Can/Will Brandon Rush Be? And How Soon?

His offensive style reminds me of Reggie. Great off ball movement, great off screens, not much to write home about with the ball in his hands. Of course that can be developed, look at Danny. I'll need to watch him more, especially at the pro level, to assess what I think of his passing, but right now I'm not impressed by it. That isn't to say he doesn't do it, he just doesn't seem much more than a catch and shoot guy at this point on the offensive end. Which of course fits our offense pretty well, but you always want a 2 to be multi-faceted (unless his name is Reggie).

I'm really not all that concerned about his offense, hit an open J when it's there. What I love, and what I think the front office also likes, is his defense. I think he can make a few All-D teams in his career, and I think in today's league perimeter defense is the single most needed asset to be successful, and Jack and Rush are pretty formidable there. I'd be surprised if he's ever more than a 14ppg or so guy (unless he's on a HORRIBLE team at some point), but that isn't where his value lies, it's the other side of the ball.

As far as how soon, he can contribute right away, he's one of the more NBA ready players from the draft, especially among the guards. I really expect to see major minutes from him, Daniels is going to be phased out and maybe moved (expirer) and it'll allow Dunleavy to move to a heavy minutes 6th man role to flourish.
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