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Default 2 points in 4 games. Anyone in here who got worse career stats then me?

I guess that's hard to beat.
I only played in 4 official league games during my "career". I was twelve at the time while most of my teammates and opponents were between 14-15.
I was the 10th man on a a 10 man roster. We recorded a 2:2 record in those 4 games. One match was a 100:02 blowout against a girls team. I managed to score 0 points on 0/3 from the field and 0/4 from the foul line. My only succesfull field goal in my career was an easy lay up from the right side.
My career highlight was when I got steal during the final of a close game against the best team in the leaugue. We were trailing by two points with 6 minutes to go when I got the steal and was going coast to coast for the layup. Eventually the shot was blocked by the same guy I had stolen the ball of. However those 3 seconds between the steal and the block were the best ones of my career. The crowd just went nuts and I felt like flying over the floor. After the block my coach went nuts at me, and ordered me on the bench forever. It was the last moment I ever had in an official match.
Seriously do you think I have a legit shot for the worst basketball career in history? I really can't think how anyone could have ever done worse then that
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